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                 Reconocimiento de Interés Científico-Sanitario Expte:93/16

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Health Humanities: Creative Practices as Care

On behalf of the organizing committee it is a pleasure to announce the celebration of the 5th International Health Humanities Conference to be held in Seville on 15, 16 and 17 September, 2016.

We have all been taken care of and we are all or will be caregivers. Caring is an inherently human activity. In the Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos (Spain) there is evidence of care practices in hominids living 500,000 years ago (Homo Heidelbergensis). That is, care practices, health and disease are part of the human condition and transcend a sheer techno-biological perspective to encompass cultural history, the symbolic and subjective, arts and literature; in short, the humanities.

Over the last five years the International Health Humanities Conference has explored several themes related to Health Humanities and how the arts and humanities can be applied to enhance human health and wellbeing.  To date, the International Health Humanities Network at the heart of the conference organization has generated an exciting interdisciplinary dialogue across diverse communities of arts and humanities academics and practitioners, clinicians, informal carers, service users and the self-caring public.

In this conference we would especially like to explore creative practices in the arts and humanities as: providing innovative care (professional, non-professional and self-care); achieving health and wellbeing through social connectedness. In addition, we welcome papers relevant to the field of health humanities in general.

The case for the impact of creative practices in health, psychological well-being and enhancing social inclusion of people is growing worldwide. We are aware that there are numerous and varied initiatives—often outside academia—in hospitals, social and community centres, mental health centres, schools, museums etc., which are valued and appreciated by users and professionals, but they go mostly unnoticed. We would like to invite everyone to share their experiences and report on impact assessments of these creative practices.

Seville is an ideal location to discuss how creative practices can advance a broader of vision of what it is to care. This city is a melting pot where we still enjoy many vestiges from the past. Seville and Andalusia are a communication platform between Europe, America and Africa. Over many years, Seville has brought different kinds of arts and humanities to the world map of creativity.  Just one example is the 128 operas the city or its people have inspired!

We are delighted to welcome you here, to get to know you, your work and your vision for a better caring future.


Francisco Javier Saavedra Macías, PhD                Professor Paul Crawford, PhD.

Organizing Committee Coordinator                       International Health Humanities Network

Laboratory of Human Activity                             Director, Centre for Social Futures

Dep. Experimental Psychology                            Institute of Mental Health

University of Seville.                                        The University of Nottingham