Some institutions and associations have shown their commitment to helping our project in various ways, some have contributed financially, others have offered their spaces and services, and others have spread the event and participated in the planning of the scientific program. In this place we thank them for their effort and involvement. Thanks.



 University of Seville                                             Faculty of Psychology


The Andalusian Health Service was created in 1986 and belongs to the Regional Ministry of Health. Its mission is to provide health care to citizens and Andalusian citizens, providing quality public health services, ensuring accessibility, fairness and customer satisfaction, seeking efficiency and optimal use of resources.


   Asociación Andaluza de Arte-terapia

The Andalusian Association of Art Therapy (ASANART) was created in 2005 to channel and to cover scientific and professional initiatives related with art therapy existing in Andalusia. For more information on ASANART, visit their website:


The Real Alcazar in Seville, is one of the oldest palaces in use worldwide. A palace that has lived different stages in time, from the late eleventh century until today and since its walls has seen the influence of the different cultures that have passed through Seville.



The Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art (CAAC) is a museum that belongs to the Andalusian Government dedicated to contemporary art located in Seville. Since 1997 it is situated in the Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas, also known as “La Cartuja”. It is one of the main institutions of Andalusia that exhibits contemporary art.